Thursday, 14 April 2016

My Ferry is Cancelled. What Do We Do? Call your Tour Operator of course!

"Our ferry has been cancelled! What do we do?"

It may not be an every day occurrence but as Scotland provides possibly the very best island golf experiences in the world it can and does occur - and again it emphasises the benefits of having a tour operator on hand to step in and remove the panic!

SIGTOA members, Thistle Golf, try very hard to provide a comprehensive service to their clients from overseas sometimes taxing the resources and solution finding to the limit but making it all the better when it works out properly for the client.

Such an occasion occurred last season when a group of four senior golfers from Canada, touring in Scotland and the Western Isles, sailed to the Isle of Arran and onward to the Mull of Kintyre before taking another ferry over to the wonderful Isle of Islay where they planned to spend just one night and to tour the island before leaving on the following day.

Unfortunately (Islay being an island in the Atlantic on the way to New York) a storm blew up in the interim and the ferry sailing on the next morning was cancelled and the Thistle Golf team received a panic call from the clients to ask what happened now?

There was no alternative but for them to stay where they were at the excellent Bridgend Hotel on Islay and to catch the next ferry leaving the island. They had to pay for an extra night but could relax in the knowledge that in the meantime Thistle Golf  were pulling out all the stops to re-arrange the remainder of their tour itinerary on the basis (and hope!) that the ferry would sail next day.

A single weather related event can create havoc for a visitor but with the support of their golf tour operator the group had no need to worry about changes to hotel arrival dates, ferry transfers or refunds as the Thistle Golf team were dealing with that for them!

The outcome was a happy one! The storm passed, the ferry left the island the following day and the clients continued and enjoyed the remainder of their tour before returning to Canada having enjoyed a great, if little more adventurous trip to Scotland than originally planned!

Another good reason for considering the services of a golf tour operator when planning your trip? You bet. Some love the challenge of independent travel whilst others simply don't! A good tour operator gives you the piece of mind to relax and enjoy the trip rather than worrying about the logistics.

And if you do ever get an extra day on Islay you won't regret it as the video below shows!

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